Chapter 20 – Part 21


Jennifer was getting onto the seat behind Logan, who turned and beamed at her. She let down her hair again and clipped her hairpin playfully onto the tip of his nose. The redhead laughed and rode off without removing it. Somehow, the hairpin did not set him into action the way Mark had envisioned: Logan clutching his nose in pain and cussing the hairpin like sailors do.

What shocked him the most, of course, was Andrew. The cowboy half-rose from his seat as he pedaled. That would have never made possible unless his arm was completely healed. Sure enough, Mark caught the glimpse of his arm before he vanished into the distance. The cut off part of Andrew’s sleeve had been miraculously reattached so it was no longer bounded on Becky’s ankle. The entire costume was now crisp and good as new.

Mark stood alone beside the road and remained that way for a long time.

Was there a way to explain the impossible?