Chapter 20 – Part 14


Ahead of them, two bikes braked sharply and circled back. Sitting on them were Henry and Brad, the older kids from the high school.

It was until then that they realized they had reached the edge of the Dark Woods, where some of their own bikes parked on the grass not far from where they stood.

“What’s up, Logan?” said Henry, the taller of the two. He was perched atop of his bicycle, one hand rested casually on the crossbar.

Brad, his companion, had his arms folded across his chest in a manly way. He nodded curtly at the redhead before turning to Andrew, his eyes moving up and down disapprovingly at the costume.

“Didn’t know the circus is here in town. How come no one told me?”

Andrew’s face turned deadpan. He looked away, his ears reddening.