Chapter 18 – Part 12


He fitted another one, and another one, and another… Until he ran out of necklaces.

The chest remained locked.

Mark tensed. He pressed his hands onto it, then pawed all over the trunk, hoping to discover some opening he had overlooked before.

John hissed. “You’re tricking me, aren’t you?”

“No…I,” Mark faltered. “I wouldn’t!”

The dark lord knitted his brows together.

Mark closed his eyes for a moment. He was pretending to remember but was making up something fast.

“Wait!” he exclaimed, his pulse racing. “I think I sort of remember now. The first necklace led us to the chamber. The others were for protection. From the Guardian of the Treasure Room.”

He opened his eyes, half wishing he was right but half wishing he wasn’t. He didn’t know which one was worse. Let the dark lord get what he want – rule the world – but save his own neck. Or exchange his life for the lives of others.



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