Chapter 18 – Part 9


John pulled out the golden scepter from the king’s grip. It was shaped like a snake, and there were two large rubies for the golden snake’s eyes. The dark lord felt a strange sense of being powerful.

He laughed nastily.

“I’ve been waiting much too long for this,” he said, his eyes changing into a lighter color. “Four hundred years I’ve waited and watched the Ealdakins seizing power. But no more!”

The dark lord snapped his eyes to the king’s remains. “Bet you’ve never thought about this. That the descendant of yours would one day betray you and bring me here.” He laughed again.

A terrible anger filled Mark. At first, he didn’t really know why, since he wasn’t the descendant of the king.

Then he realized that all of this was happening because of him.

Mark wiped the tears from his eyes angrily. Looking down at the obsidian necklaces, he decided to stop this madness once and for all.

But the moment never came. When the dark lord turned to face him, his eyes glowing in verde green, Mark shrank back and all of his anger was soon replaced by fear.