Chapter 18 – Part 6


With a shock, Mark realized that he had just witnessed another betrayal within the dark force. Though Jennifer never said it explicitly, it was obvious. His heart sank like a heavy stone. And if that was true, the deal no longer meant anything.

Mark became angry with himself. Why hadn’t he thought of that? John was not a man of honor, much less a man who would keep his word.

He suddenly understood how serious their situation was. He must stop the dark lord from seizing power.

The only question was – how?

“Move!” John was barking orders to the others. Beside him stood George and Diane, both in a paralyzed state. “You lousy humans!”

Mark winced inwardly. He watched Andrew walking slowly, cradling his arm and looking fatigued. Behind him, Becky was limping without the help of anyone. For every other few steps, she would hop on one foot, and then resume limping again.

Mark sighed. How were they going to fight John this way?

The dark lord motioned him to lead the way.