Chapter 18 – Part 5


“I thought the Guardian of the Treasure Room was merely a legend,” Jennifer said coldly. She was staring at John with a penetrating look.

John turned to face her. “Indeed, love,” he told her. “That’s what the others have said. But now we know the truth. Do we not, love?”

Jennifer continued to regard the dark lord with her cold eyes. “But what about the descendant?”

“What about him?” John put an arm around her, who stood rigidly.

“You could’ve gotten him killed! I thought we needed him for the treasure.”

“Aye, love,” said his lordship. He didn’t even bother to lower his voice. “But the Guardian wouldn’t hurt the royal blood, would it?! Or at least I thought so.”

“You never told me about that,” Jennifer snapped and then turned her face away from John.

“Jen, love,” said the dark lord, his voice becoming soft. “That’s because we were always in a hurry. I’m sure that was why I’ve forgotten about it. But that’s not important, is it?” John leaned closer to her. “What is important is that we find the Treasure of Magnus and the Great Sarpati first. Then we divide up the shares and rule the world together.”

Jennifer nodded. But she seemed unconvinced.



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