Chapter 17 – Part 6


“Everything my grandfather told me was so long ago,” he hastily explained to John, who appeared beside him with an angry frown. “I just can’t seem to remember it as well as I like.”

“Certainly you remember something!”

Mark could feel the sweat under his armpits. “Yeah,” he agreed. “But they were only stories. Not maps.” He’d hoped this one would work.

John was silent for a moment.

“You’re trying to find a way to trick me, aren’t you?” he asked. He was staring at Mark as if daring him to disagree.

Mark blinked nervously. “What?”

The dark lord studied him for a moment.

“You’d better not,” he went on, watching Mark closely. “Because if you do, think of what I can do to you and your little friends.”

Mark nodded and looked at the tunnel once again.

He thought fast.

As crazy as it may sound, all his instincts were against the well-lit part of the tunnel. It just seemed too easy. Like the other traps in this building.

Taking a deep breath, Mark waved his hand toward the pitch dark. “This way!”