Chapter 16 – Part 8


But they soon lost their shine as he frowned deeply and was lost in his own thoughts.

He looked up suddenly and began to speak fiercely to Mark, who at first thought that John was mad at him.

After a while, though, Mark realized that the dark lord was talking to himself.

“…Other than Ealdakin, of course. How I despise that name!” he spat and snorted with disdain. “But no matter! He’s long gone! Dead. He would never join forces against me. And the power of the Great Sarpati will be mine.”

John started to wave his arms frantically like a madman. “Without it, Ealdakin was next to a useless coward, who feared everything, even wars. But look at me! I’m the one who’s fearless and powerful. I should’ve been the one to possess it. Not him!” He turned to Mark suddenly, breathing hard. “There’s nothing you can do to stop me now,” he said, pointing his finger at Mark. “I will get what I want. And with the help of the Great Sarpati, I will control the minds of humans. Including yours.”