Chapter 15 – Part 9


“See?” first George said in low, terrifying voice. “What did I tell you, love?” Jennifer seemed satisfied.

The others kept their mouths shut, hoping that Logan would do the same. No luck.

“Who the hell are you?” Logan growled. “Show yourself!” He broke free from the hands that grabbed him, but only for a brief moment. He was pulled back again. “Bet you’re ashamed of yourself,” he went on furiously. “That’s why you hide behind a mask!”

Mark was horrified. He jumped in front of Logan before he saw a flicker of anger in the first George’s eyes.

Sure, the truth about Becky and Logan’s betrayal had hurt – as it had come as a total shock, completely out of the blue. But for Mark, actions came first and feelings later. He just couldn’t bear to see another person getting hurt.

Luckily, no one else got hurt.

Some of them, though, were beginning to wonder whether this was a good sign, for the first George seemed to grow in height yet shrivel in body mass at the same time.

Mark flinched in surprise, and he heard Becky crying out in alarm.



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