Chapter 15 – Part 5


Mark suddenly understood. It wasn’t an accident at all that they’d stumbled upon this strange place. They had been led here by “Thief”.

“Now you’ve figured it out,” Jennifer said, watching Mark’s grim face. “You ought to know how serious we’re about this.”

“But we don’t have to be serious about this anymore, pal,” said Logan, looking at his best friend.

“Right,” Becky said agreeably. “Listen, George,” she went on. “I don’t know what she had done to you. But don’t you remember? About what we said? And what we’ve decided?”

The redhead nodded. “The treasure room, this strange city, and stuff about tying people up. They’re not even the part of pact! Let’s forget about the whole thing, pal.”

“Let’s go home,” said Becky.

There was a brief moment of silence that hung in the air so thick and so still that it nearly suffocated them.



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