Chapter 15 – Part 3


“No?” George gave a mocking laugh.

Jennifer sneered. “Since he’s being so cooperative,” she told George, “why don’t you let him do it?”

“An excellent idea, love.”

“Do what?” asked Logan, alarmed.

“Tie up Wimp and do what you want with him.” She smirked.

George joined her and smiled unkindly. “Most importantly, I want you to enjoy yourself.” A pause. “But do not kill him! I need him alive.”

Logan’s jaws dropped. “No!” he blurted out before he could stop himself. “I mean – no problem, dude,” he corrected himself in a smaller voice. There was a look of horror on the cowboy’s face. “Not a problem at all… Except I don’t really see why…” His voice trailed off.

George’s eyes were narrowed into slits. “Have you really forgotten which side you belong?” he asked harshly. “Or do I have to remind you?”



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