Chapter 15 – Part 1


“Please, George.” Becky’s voice was trembling but pleading. “I’m sure Andrew didn’t mean a word he said.”

Jennifer snorted, but Becky went on as though she didn’t hear it.

“Let’s forget it, okay?”

George turned his piercing gaze on her, who wanted more than anything to look away. It was tempting. But she dared not. It would only make her seem less trustworthy.

Logan caught on fast. “Yeah, buddy!” he joined in, trying to sound more cheerful – but it fell short.

George grunted. It wasn’t much of an answer, but the redhead felt encouraged.

“Forget about him, pal. Why waste time and strength on someone like Wimp? Know what I mean?”

George considered that, and almost immediately, the cowboy stopped screeching. They could still hear him moaning, though.

Logan let out his breath. He felt a rush of relief. If only he could convince George to stop inflicting pain on Andrew altogether…