Chapter 14 – Part 12


Andrew went at George with both fists. But before he could aim a punch at George, his face was twisted in pain. He screamed and collapsed on the floor, cradling his injured arm and moaning.

Mark, Becky, and Logan surrounded Andrew anxiously. They wished the cowboy had not been so foolhardy and reckless.

Mark looked at him with concern. “You alright?”

Andrew whimpered.

George laughed. “I hope you learn your lesson well, Wimp.” Jennifer sniggered.

At this the cowboy looked up, his face pale and wan. Clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, he began to crawl toward George again.

“Y’all git Diane and git out of here,” he called over his shoulder to the other three. “I’m goin’ to git to the bottom of this!”