Chapter 13 – Part 8


The three boys were not pleased. They glared at her, trying to find a way to refuse her.

“Because girls are annoying!” Mark said at last, thinking Diane would cry and leave. “Girls can’t run! And they’re nothing!”

Diane stood her ground, not budging an inch. She seemed very calm. It was as if she had gone through this plenty of times, and she was determined to play the game whether the boys like it or not.

Her eyes flashed. “You think so?”

The boys looked at one another. “Yeah!” they answered in unison.

Diane smiled instead, and then she did something totally unexpected. She stomped her foot like she was going to lunge at them, all the while roaring as fiercely and as loudly as a lion.

Shocked and confused, the boys scattered and ran in different directions. They haven’t any clue that the game had begun.