Chapter 13 – Part 7


Corey and Jason greeted Mark but eyed Diane with suspicion.

“Come on, Mark,” Jason invited. “You’re on.”

“What’s the game?”

Jason grinned. “Hide-and-seek.”

“OK,” said Mark. “Let’s do it.” He pretended not to see Diane standing alone.

Diane decided to invite herself in anyway.

“OK,” she said. “Who is going first?”

Corey looked disgusted. He wanted to know who Diane was and where she’d come from. He threw an inquiring look at Mark, who shrugged and turned away. Jason spoke.

“You can’t play with us.”

Diane raised her eyebrow. “Why not?”

“Boys don’t play with girls.”

“Why ever not?”

“Because – well.” Jason looked at Mark and Corey, unable to think of an answer fast enough.



hide and seek2