Chapter 13 – Part 4


Mark looked away from the fixed stare of the snake and stared at his knees. He tried to let his mind wander. Yet everything he thought about somehow reminded him of what he was trying to forget.

He couldn’t help thinking about his parents; he would probably never live another day to see them again. He felt the tears welling up in his eyes and was glad that the others were sitting away from him. He couldn’t stop blaming himself for all the misfortunes he had put the others through. They didn’t deserve it. If it hadn’t been for the mission to track the missing heirloom, none of them would be trapped in here. And he couldn’t help lamenting over Diane, his best friend for as long as he could remember it. He couldn’t save her. Was she even alive?

Mark closed his eyes and allowed himself to do what he seldom did when he was afraid: to think of a warm and pleasant memory. The memory of his first meeting with Diane…

“Have fun, sweetie,” said his mother before she went into the house for a long chat and an afternoon tea.