Chapter 13 – Part 2


George said aloud what everyone else was thinking – though in a more dramatic way.

“What the devil?” He faced Mark with an angry frown on his face. His eyes flashed, then narrowed. “What’s going to be next? Sixteen passages?”

“Don’t be that way, George,” Becky said gently. “It won’t help us any –” But George turned around and growled at her.

Quiet!” he bawled. “Who’s the one crying and saying that we’re all going to die?”

Becky’s face stiffened. Somehow she managed to control herself and turned away from George’s glare. Logan looked dumbstruck, his eyes darting back and forth between the two. The cowboy, however, had suddenly become very protective of Becky; he flexed the muscles on his good arm even though he knew very well that he wouldn’t stand a chance against George’s massiveness. Mark was relieved when he saw George turned his back.