Chapter 11 – Part 17


George stood by quietly, watching, while the redhead provided Mark with instructions.

“The cut seems pretty long,” Logan said worriedly.

Mark kept tying and untying the neckerchief. “Sorry,” he mumbled to Andrew, who winced in pain.

“Try the other way,” Logan suggested. “Fold it, like, diagonally or something.”

Mark did.

“Yeah,” said Logan, satisfied. “That’s more like it, pal.”

Once the cut was stanched, Mark breathed out and sat down beside the cowboy. Logan followed his lead.

“Feeling okay?” Mark asked the cowboy.

Andrew hesitated. “Just a bit dizzy and weak,” he answered quietly. “Otherwise, all in one piece.”

Mark nodded.

“You’ll be alright,” said Logan, clapping Andrew lightly on the back.

“Keep that arm elevated.”

They all turned to Becky. Her knees were pressed against her chest. She seemed to have recovered from the shock.



elevated arm4