Chapter 11 – Part 15


If the cowboy hadn’t pushed Becky away, she would’ve had arrows embedded from head to toe. She would have died.

Becky sat on the ground and gazed at the arrows in disbelief. Then she sobbed. She simply could not control herself. “We’re all going to die here,” she said over and over again.

Logan walked over to Becky, who was wailing loudly and uncontrollably. “Becky.”

She didn’t seem to notice his presence.

“Becky, stop it,” Logan said in a louder voice.

This time Becky cried harder. Her face was red and blotchy with tears. She was having trouble breathing.

Logan panicked; his mind went blank. He shook her hard. “Stop it!”

Becky quieted down immediately. And, for a while, they heard nothing else except the sound of her hiccups.