Chapter 11 – Part 12


Mark thought fast. He had never been more focused in his life. There’s got to be a way to convince the others that they should move forward, while keeping their hopes high.

“Well,” he began slowly. “We know certainly that we cannot go back.”

George nodded his head.

“But if we stay where we are,” Mark went on, “we don’t know for sure that things wouldn’t happen to us.” He waited for others to let the thought sink in. They did.

“And even if nothing happens to us,” said Logan flatly, “we’ll get stuck in here forever.”

“Exactly,” Mark continued before he loses his point. “But maybe this is it!” Several people looked at him hopefully. “Maybe there’s a stairway behind the door. Then we could find what we want: Diane, Thief’s hideout, the antiques, and home! ”

Logan perked up as soon as he heard the word “home.” Apparently, his nose had stopped bleeding. Other than the swollenness of it, he seemed all right.

The group gathered around the wooden door without a word. They were ready to move forward.

Becky stood before the door, her brows knitted together. “Let’s get it over with,” she told the others behind her. Her eyes remained focused on the rusted snake’s-head doorknocker. She had imagined a stairway behind the closed door. Or something even better: an exit. This was, after all, the very first door they’d encountered so far. It had to be significant in some way.