Chapter 11 – Part 5


Andrew quickly fished out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Logan, who gently dabbed it at his nose. “Ow!” the redhead cried out in pain and cursed.

“What happened?” Mark inquired. He looked from George to Becky.

“It’s the invisible wall,” Becky said finally in a weak voice.

“What invisible wall?”

She pointed at something before them. Mark couldn’t see what it was. “This is the thing that bumped into Logan’s face.”

Mark shot the redhead an inquiring look. Logan didn’t seem to disagree with Becky’s explanation.

Mark decided to see for himself. He stretched out his hand cautiously and slowly, and it hit something hard and solid.

“It can’t be!” Mark exclaimed, trembling from head to toe.

They were walking down this passageway only a moment ago. And they had emerged from it!

Mark threw his body forward but immediately ran full force into some barrier. He moved away and tried several other places but couldn’t get through. The passage remained there ahead of them. He could also see further ahead the torch-lit room they were in a while ago.

Beside him, George mumbled something.


invisible wall7