Chapter 11 – Part 3


Andrew took a deep breath to calm down. He had to set emotions and feelings aside, not allowing them to overpower him. He owed Diane this much.

The cowboy cast his eyes downward to avoid the hostile looks. “If we go back, we might find somethin’ useful to git Diane out.”

Mark looked up. His face seemed hopeful. “You mean, the room?”

The cowboy nodded without looking at anyone.

“Andrew’s right,” Mark said with a nod and stood up, seemingly more controlled. “Let’s see what we can find.”

The others leapt to their feet and hurried away. But the cowboy, feeling rather exhausted and clumsy, got up slowly. At first he didn’t notice anything wrong until he felt something slipping from his lap. Andrew’s eyes widened. His cowboy rope!

Andrew’s face twisted in horror. The rope, their only hope, continued its descending fall. It fell the way a snake does when it falls, its long body twisting and turning as though it were completely hopeless and at the mercy of the pull of gravity.



falling rope8