Chapter 10 – Part 6


A moment later, Diane caught up with him.

“Look,” she said apologetically. “I am really sorry about what happened… I guess everyone was jittery and eager to get out. I’m sure none of us really mean it.”

Andrew snorted. He didn’t believe a word she said. Then he remembered his own plan. He gritted his teeth, reminding himself not to reply.

“So,” she said, taking a quick sidelong glance before she went on. “Would you like to listen to the plan and tell us what you think?”

Andrew drew his brows together. She didn’t mean it, he told himself. Some good actor she was. Or else, why didn’t she ask him first about what he thinks? He bet she was only here to discuss about her own plan.

Andrew walked on defiantly, a lot faster than before.


good actor2