Chapter 10 – Part 5


Mark cleared his throat several times. “Um, Andrew,” he went on as if nothing had happened. “We’re about to go through the passage. Guess I’ll tell you about the plan along the way.” Mark gestured stupidly toward the passageway, inviting his former friend to join the rest of them.

The others, Andrew saw, were gathering beside the passageway. Someone had lit the first few torches on the walls so it was no longer a dark, gaping hole.

He kept his mouth shut – though he was tempted to mumble or grumble a few words under his breath. But he wouldn’t want the others to hear that. It was all part of his plan. To act unconcerned and independent. To let them know that he didn’t need them and he could find his way out of this place alone.

And, speaking of that, Andrew felt anger rising from the pit of his stomach again. I’ll tell you about the plan along the way. It was just as he suspected. They didn’t even want him to take part with the planning.

Before he knew it, his feet began to move of his own accord.

For a while he kept his eyes staring straight ahead, allowing his feet to direct him. And, just like the way he’d planned it, he pretended not to see Mark’s gawking face. Served him right. He pretended not to hear the gasps coming from the others, either.

The cowboy brought down one of the flaming torches off the wall and marched on without a single backward glance.