Chapter 10 – Part 3


Suddenly he was shocked with a full realization that he loathed them. Every one of them. He despised them because no one bothered to pay attention to what he had to say, even though they knew he was absolutely right. He despised them for disrespecting him – or, treating him like a dog was more like it. And he despised the ones who watched in silence as the others bullied him.

Andrew felt a shot of pain in his stomach. He shoved his hands into his pants pockets. Hard. Cowboys never show their pain.

He realized that he had, in amidst of the heated argument, all but forgotten that he hadn’t had any lunch yet. A real cowboy won’t even think about self-pitying, either. He’d rather starve than beg food from them.

Andrew, of course, didn’t need anyone to remind him that they were all his rivals. But with that coming from Mark… He just couldn’t believe it. He stared bitterly at Mark, who was nodding eagerly at everything Diane said. This was his best friend and only friend who once understood and respected him. And now his pet horse was all he got.

Still he found it easier to lay all the blames on Diane. After all, she was the one who had taken his place.

Hot jealousy shot through him as well as rage.

Diane was everything that ruined his friendship with Mark. Andrew was sure of it.

So now, he had her all figured out. He wasn’t about to let her ruin his cowboy show, either.