Chapter 9 – Part 11


“That’s right,” said Becky, her arms crossed. “What’s the matter with you?” She went on before the cowboy could answer. “You chickened out or something?” She continued to ignore Andrew’s reddened face. “You’re only criticizing her because you don’t like her. But I think you should keep your mouth shut! Just because you don’t like her doesn’t give you the right to ruin our chance of getting out of here. Read. My. Lips. We’re only coming up with a general plan for now! Do you not know what ‘general’ means?”

Obviously Becky had gone too far. Mark saw a glint of tears in Andrew’s eyes as he turned away, humiliated.

Mark let out a sigh.

He felt sorry for Andrew. But he felt sorry for Diane too.

Worse yet, Mark wondered if they would ever get to their plan. Or anything at all, before it’s too late.


chickened out2