Chapter 9 – Part 10


Diane took a deep breath. “Andrew,” she said slowly. “Either way, there are risks involved. There is also a chance that Thief would have gotten us before we find a way to leave this strange city.” She paused to see if Andrew has anything else to say. He didn’t.

“But what’s more important is that we make the most out of the best plan we come up with,” she went on patiently. “How do you know for sure that this won’t be the last time Thief stays in this city? We would be trapped here and starve to death before we find a way out. What if no one else, except Thief, knows how to leave this place? It might not be the same as simply closing our eyes and touching something like we did before. And what if the police come here only to find them gone? That was what I meant by learning about them. So we won’t lose them.” Diane paused and looked at the shivering group.

“My point,” she continued calmly, “I guess, is that we can sit here and come up with many more what-ifs. But then we might as well give up in the end and seal our fate.”

Diane needed not to ask them. Mark saw, by the looks on their faces, that the others have already sided with her. Particularly Becky.


starved to death2