Chapter 9 – Part 6


“Of course we would not know the detailed part of the plan yet,” she explained patiently. “That is why we are discussing about it now. First we come to an agreement on a general plan. Then we worry about the details.” She smiled at him. “You made a good reminder, Andrew. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.”

Andrew knitted his brows but said nothing. “Anyone else?” he heard Diane asking the others. Suddenly he couldn’t help but feel furious about her dominance over the entire group. Someone ought to teach her better than lording it over the others, he decided.

We,” Andrew cut in without looking at Diane, “ain’t got to track Thief, if we ain’t feelin’ like it. But ya ain’t givin’ the rest of us much choice!”

Diane seemed confused. “I’m very sorry that you are feeling this way, Andrew,” she replied. “But I did ask, a while ago, if any of you got suggestions. I have no clue that you got one. Why don’t you tell us about yours, then?”

The others shifted their gazes from Diane back to Andrew.