Chapter 9 – Part 5


“Why don’t we be more positive?” suggested Diane. “Let’s go through the passage there. And see what happens. Who knows? We might be able to spot a stairway to upstairs. That flicker of light George saw could be made by Thief and we ought to find out if this is true.”

George choked. Soon he was coughing like an old man.

Logan whacked him on the back.

A blob of bubble gum flew out of George’s mouth and plopped onto the table. George looked up at Diane, surprised.

Luckily, the redhead knew his best friend very well. He leaped to his feet. “Hold on a sec, Diana,” he said. “Let me explain that thing to George.” She nodded.

Diane waited patiently. She watched Logan whisper ardently beside George’s ear and knew what he was explaining.

The thief. And all the events that led them here.

She only hoped he would cut the story short.

Logan did. But George’s eyes were bulging by the time his best friend was done talking.

“Thank you, Logan,” said Diane. To which he replied, “Don’t mention it, baby girl.”

Andrew was watching Logan the whole time. He waited until Logan was seated. The cowboy cleared his throat and looked right at Diane. “So how’re ya gonna track ’em down?” he asked gruffly. “What’re we gonna do once we find ’em?”