Chapter 9 – Part 4


George swallowed. “There’s some sort of pattern, I’m telling you,” he told the others. “Like how you can only come into this place through the tree trunk. But not the other way around.” He pointed at the marble wall that had revolved a while ago to emphasize his point. “The same with the wall.”

“And now you’re wondering,” Diane finished for George, “about the darkened passage over there.”

George nodded slowly, saying no more.

The others, too, were horror-stricken. Some of them ā€“ they couldn’t help it ā€“ began to have pessimistic thoughts, their eyes darting from one corner of the room to another.

Except Diane, who sat very still, thinking. Mark thought she seemed calmer than ever.

“George has a good point,” she said finally and stared at the doleful faces before her. “But we still need to form a plan. We cannot simply sit here.”

The room became silent. For a while, no one spoke. George tore open a package of bubble gum and popped several into his mouth.


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