Chapter 9 – Part 2


“Would you mind continuing from where you’ve left off?”

George nodded with a faraway look on his face. “Guess the first time I realized it,” he mumbled, “was when I got here.”

“Realized what?” asked Andrew impatiently and absently checked his time.

“That I couldn’t go back. Even if I wanted to.”

The others exchanged glances.

“What’d you mean, buddy?” Logan seemed anxious.

“I tried it several times,” answered George, shrugging. “The method that got me here, I mean. But I couldn’t go back through the tree again.”

“But did you close your eyes and –”

“Yes, yes,” he answered the redhead a little impatiently. “And put my hands on the tree trunk. I even tried different parts of the trunk.” He shook his head. “It didn’t work.”

This time nobody asked more questions. They already knew.

“As I was saying,” George went on without being asked, “I realized I need help. Or I would never be able to find my way home. That’s when I spotted it! A flicker of light upstairs!”


flickering light upstairs4