Chapter 9 – Part 1


The others settled down and seated themselves around George. Several of them began to dig through their own backpacks, for the idea of food seemed very important all of a sudden. Even Diane.

Mark took a huge bite of his own sandwich. Out the corner of his eye, he saw Diane, who sat quietly next to him, pulling out a small package of energy bar. Printed on the very top of it were the words: Low Carb! Low Calories!

Mark thought he knew why they contain fewer calories. It was because they were in such a small amount, something his father would never approve as real food. “That’s how some people die of anorexia,” he often told Mark.

Diane caught his eye and raised her eyebrow.

Mark shook his head disapprovingly and went back to his lunch.

They ate in an uncomfortable silence, until George was nearly done with his sandwich. He belched loudly and rubbed his stomach as though his hunger was satisfied. Diane seized the moment.


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