Chapter 8 – Part 9


Mark had an idea. “Could you move back a bit?” he asked Diane.

Everyone parted and backed away, giving him plenty of space.

Mark pressed his shoulder hard against the marble wall and pushed. He pushed until he felt the muscles on his arms and shoulders grow taut from all the pushing, but that didn’t stop him. He kept pushing.

The wall gave a small rumbling sound, followed by a faint quiver.

Everyone’s faces lit up. They scurried over to join him, pushing the wall with all they were worth. Nevertheless, the wall remained where it was.

“We got to do it at the same time,” Mark gritted his teeth. “I think.”

“On the count of three,” said Diane. “One, two, THREE!”

This time the wall moved forward without any warning. The sound of grinding marble reached their ears.

They found themselves bursting into a room on the other side.


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