Chapter 7 – Part 10


Mark had no choice but to tell the entire story, starting with the night of the theft. Quite surprisingly, Diane cut in a few times and took turns with him to fill in the details. When Mark finally got to the part about the plan to catch the thief and the figures they had seen earlier, the others were shocked.

“You mean there’s more than one thief?” asked Logan in disbelief.

“We do not know that for sure,” answered Diane. She abruptly turned to the cowboy and explained, “We had no clue how they vanished into the air. They just went.”

Andrew gave her a resentful look but said nothing.

“Which is why,” Mark added quickly, “we were reluctant to explain all this back in the woods. We didn’t want the other Thief, if there is another one, to hear us.” Yet Mark knew deep down that the truth was just the opposite. “The fewer who know about this, the better,” he had told Diane on the phone this morning.


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