Chapter 5 – Part 18


“So that’s why you were in the woods this morning, pal,” Logan said finally. “You should have told us, buddy. And we would’ve been more than happy to help. That’s what friends are for.” Turning to Diane, he smiled and said rather sweetly. “Just tell us what to do, Diana,” he said. “I bet we can find your Thief in no time.”

Andrew shook his head. “That ain’t gonna work in a place this big,” he said, glancing at his watch nervously. He was rather worried about being late to his show but did not want to say so. He wasn’t about to let the others drag him around either. “The cat could be hidin’ anywhere,” he added. “Or it might be gone from the woods already. Either way, y’all ain’t gonna find it that easily.”

A gust of cold wind blew. Andrew stopped talking at once.