Chapter 5 – Part 17


“Mark meant he was helping me to find my cat Thief,” explained Diane, looking at Mark. “Thief had escaped this morning and he promised to help me look.”

Mark nodded vigorously, not knowing what else to say.

“Ha!” Becky forced a laugh. “Thief!” she snorted. “Weird name. But that’s not really surprising coming from an owner like her!”

But Mark knew exactly what Diane meant. He was glad she could cover it up so fast.

When they first came up with the plan of catching the thief who had stolen the antiques, he and Diane had wanted to keep everything to themselves. Initially, Mark suggested speaking in abbreviations. “An acronym really is the best,” he had tried to reassure her. “It’s more practical; it wouldn’t give away that easily. And it wouldn’t give anyone a notion that we’re up to something.” Diane had agreed at first, but after hearing Mark’s choices of abbreviations, she decidedly abandoned the whole acronym business. After much debate on the phone this morning, they had finally settled that Thief would do the trick.

Famous last words. And so much for the time spent on debating.


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