Chapter 5 – Part 15


Then Logan became serious. “You know, buddy,” he told Mark. “All I know is that one minute George was handing out donuts for the picnic. The next thing we knew, whoosh! A flock of bats came charging out the woods. Imagine that! Bats under the daylight! Weird, huh? Then Andrew here started climbing over the fence and running with his high… quality boots and stuff. And we thought someone was dead or something. It was then we’d realized you were gone. We had a real fright, man.” Logan paused to catch his breath. “So, tell us, buddy,” he said. “How’d you get yourself attacked by the bats? Andrew here told us how they’d knocked you over. Say, why did you cross over the fence in the first place? What did you see?”

Mark wet his lips nervously. He had no idea how long the others had been there, watching and listening to him and Diane.


climbing fence