Chapter 4 – Part 9


He couldn’t tell what Andrew was thinking. He couldn’t see the face, hidden under the brim of the cowboy hat, either.

Yet Mark was certain of one thing: an angry Andrew would not touch any food for a long, long time. Even if he did, he would only eat those jellybeans when there’s no one around.

Mark walked around and found himself thinking about lots of things: the look on his father’s face this morning, the failure of his plan, and the strange encounter in the Dark Woods. Nothing seemed to make any sense to him.

He sighed and slowed down. Why did everything have to work against him? Why did it happen to him?

Glancing at the woodland beyond the wooden fence that surrounded the park, he shuddered, even though he knew perfectly well that he was barred out from the horror of the Dark Woods.


fence and Dark Woods6