Chapter 3 – Part 24

Unfortunately, Andrew, hearing only Becky’s part of comment, was a bit confused. There were only two Jennifers in their school. One was short and heavy, the other one tall and thin.

“Jennifer who?” he asked. “Ya don’t mean the one who’s nothin’ but a bag of skin an’ bones?”

At that, the redhead’s face fell. He turned his face away from the group.

A hush fell over the entire group.

Everyone else was shocked and speechless, including Mark. They seemed to have forgotten about Andrew until he spoke.

For a while, no one seemed to know what to do.

Becky was the first one to return to her senses.  “You are so mean!” she snapped. “Did your parents ever teach you anything, other than the cowboy stuff?” Her eyes got huge and they looked scary. She gave the cowboy a long glare.

Andrew was just as shocked. He had no idea what went wrong. Nevertheless, he lowered his head and did not speak again.